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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Julie...

We are so blessed. This injury could have been the death of me — if my spine had been broken or if I had sustained internal injuries. And even though the recovery is painfully slow (emphasis on the pain), I am improving and expected to recover fully. The Lord continues to meet all our needs and to teach us important lessons along the way.

Church was so good yesterday. To get there, we had to wheelchair to the shuttle bus; bus to the MRT (Singapore Metro Rapid Transit); MRT to a transfer station; MRT to the station near the church and wheelchair to the church. All of this was very wheelchair accessible so it was much easier than we expected. 

And so worth it! The sermon was on the rich young ruler — the very picture of Singaporeans (and most of us) today. At a crossroads — having everything, but not satisfied and feeling empty-a spiritual vacuum in the presence of wealth, position (power) and prestige! The thing lacking is a relationship with Jesus Christ — even for Christians. 

The stuff of the world gets in the way of our walk with Him. We need to make God the priority- the treasure of our heart. We need to find our identity, not in our stuff, but in being loved by Him. Then we should keep the commandments, loving God; loving others. That will move us from success to significance.

Yes, we’re experiencing it all! And all from the hands of God, who love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pastor Joe Lee and wife Amelia