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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Marvelous and Merciful God

What a marvelous God we serve, and what prayer warriors we have standing with us!

While on our way to/through northeast Australia, we posted and emailed about Julie’s severe hip pain which developed a few days before our trip began.  She was hurting so much that, after arriving at the missionary lodge in Cairns, the staff loaned her an electric cart to get from the check-in office to our motel-like room because of the slight hill she would have had to climb.

After praying once again, I spent some time massaging the area around her right hip before we slept (horizontally stretched out for the first time in two days).  At 3:30 am Julie woke better and I spent more time with a similar massage. 

We arrived at the airport at 5 am to catch the 7 am flight to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea.  We had a lot of wait time at the gate.  What a blessing to see her jogging through the terminal!  Honestly, the massage may have been needed but we truly believe a call for others to pray about this was the catalyst for her healing.

We are currently in a missionary friends’ village, having had an eventful flight into an airstrip that is said to be the second most treacherous airstrip in PNG.  I only wish my video recorder hadn’t malfunctioned so that I could show you the landing live. 

Still, we are much better rested and Julie is working with John Allen and the Kamea translator, Ben, as I type, recording more of God’s Word in the ninth Bible video for this people group.  Hundreds of people are expected to collect here to see all 9 videos tomorrow (Sunday) night in a huge celebration of God’s Word in their heart language.

Have I mentioned that God is so good?


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

We're 3/4 of the way to Papua New Guniea and in the need of prayer

We arrived in New Zealand at 5 am local after a nice but long ride over the Pacific on Air New Zealand.  We are having two problems though.  The more serious is that Julie has developed a crippling pain in her right hip the past week and, with these long flights, is having a terrible time walking.  The other is that someone somehow removed a nice set of noise canceling headsets from one of our carry on bags while in LA.  These are what Julie needs to use when editing audio recording.

Pray for Julie.  We have a 5+ hour trip yet this morning to Cairns, Australia plus several more days of travel and a village visit before she gets any break (Monday afternoon).

God knows all of this but we wanted you to know as well.