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Thursday, May 29, 2014

No shortage of humor

Our experience in missions thus far and reports from others lead to the conclusion that God always supplies our need but not necessarily what’s on our shopping list.
There is a store here on the  center which brings in boxed and canned goods in containers shipped to a port 4 hours away to supplement the wonderful fruits and vegetables available locally from the nationals M-W-F,  6-8 am at market.  Of course, in the store there is only one variety and one brand of canned tomatoes … at least until they’re sold out.  The same is true of many other goods, (except for cereal where there may be 10 types … mostly geared to kids’ tastes).
There is a small fresh meat counter with limited cuts of beef, pork and chicken.  Ground beef (hamburger) is known as beef mince. The store grinds its own, but has not had any most of the time since we arrived.  Yesterday we found out why in a tok save (Tok Pisin for “announcement”) from the soon-to-be next store manager.  We hope you’ll enjoy this bit of typical missionary humor.
'Mince'ing Words
Date: 28 May 2014
We are sorry if you have had a "beef" with the store over not having mince.  There is no more need to have a "cow" about this topic.  If you haven't "herd" yet this morning, mince is now back in stock.  Todd and I were in Lae and were able to find the needed part, which has been installed already.  Please come and help us "moo"ve this product out of our meat department.

Thank You

-The not yet "steer"ing this ship Guy.

Disclaimer:  This message has not been approved by Todd <the outgoing store manager>, but I have his password, so......