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Friday, July 18, 2014

Kid are allowed be kids here

Don't get me wrong.  Kids are well behaved here.  Couples do a great job of parenting.  The kids turn out impressive, noticed as they walk across the High School graduation stage and we here about them (accomplishments) and from them (their goals and plans).

But it's a different world over here (on the other side of the world).  For example, there's a rule that all children must have footwear on when they step on school property.  That's because most of them go barefoot most of the time, even in rain.  It's still odd to me to see kids in Sunday morning worship barefoot.

Or this... I'm walking along the road and hear a racket coming up from behind me.  I look back and see 3 teens galloping full speed on horses up the (dirt) hill/road.  (They have at least 7 horses in the "Pony club".)  This is right through the center of the complex, past work buildings and homes.

Or this... I was walking from the IT building back to my apartment at the end of the day.  Along the way I noticed two children bouncing on one of those outdoor trampolines (with the 5' high mesh walls surrounding it, you know what I mean).  What made it noticeable is that it was raining, they were outside without coats and the mom was happily inside listening to squeals of delight.  Do/did you let your kids play outside in the rain?

Or this... There is a small playground with stuff to climb on, a see-saw and a huge truck tire suspended by a chain for swinging.  It's been raining on and off for several days so you can imagine what condition the grass and ground were in.  So there are a couple of kids running around with mud half way up their thighs, spatters all over their clothes, and climbing onto the tire that is already wet and covered with mud.  As I finished passing the playground, one of the boys reached down and grabbed a handful of mud.  

I didn't have the heart stay around and see what he was going to do next...

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