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Friday, July 11, 2014

Mr. Mom

I returned from a 6-day trip from the distant island of Bougainville off Papua New Guinea, working on some network and email projects, to an empty apartment.  Julie had left for New Jersey (and her mom) a couple of days before.

We've probably written before about how daily life takes more effort when you're on the mission field.  Those who live in Ukarumpa for sure certainly have it easier than our peers who are working in remote villages.  We have electricity, local phones, a small "company store' for canned and dry goods and some meats.  We have wonderful schools, a medical clinic, a post office, etc.

Still, it takes more time to "live" on the field.  As examples:

  • We walk every place, rather than ride, even if it's pouring or dark
  • Fresh produce is available from the local market but only 3 days a week.  Plan ahead!
  • We have to bathe all our fresh food in chlorinated water right after our purchase
  • We have no clothes dryers.  We hang all our wash on clotheslines outside (until it rains).
  • Our meals are started from the basics.  No fast food.  No restaurants.  No pizza delivery.
  • One of us bakes the bread.  One makes the salad dressing.  One makes the mayonnaise.   Yum!

Now that Julie is gone, I feel like Mr. Mom.  I do all the above.  No splitting the responsibilities.  Plus guess who gets to wash the clothes, sweep the floors, take out the compost and trash?

I miss her.

I know you're taking this wrong.  I miss her not because I do it all.  I miss her because we're married, a team, friends...

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